Science Fair Project 2012 Science Fair Project 2012 Sutman, Allen and Shoemaker (1986) observed in Learning English Through Science, that science and language link us to knowledge of the world and beyond, to understanding people, phenomena, and processes. 156496018 Learning science and a language are cognitive processes that support each other. 156515585 The science process skills including observing, predicting, communicating, classifying and analyzing, are almost the same as language learning skills: seeking information, comparing, ordering, synthesizing, and evaluating. 156515586 These skills are truly the key to integrating content instruction with language acquisition; they also extend learning beyond the classroom as a goal for both science and language teaching. This can be achieved 156515587 IkramHadjar Jilali I thank my teacher who engaged us in such a project because I learned a lot. I started my project asking the question: How do we cry? I mean: Where do tears come from when we cry? Then I had many questions and I felt myself flying in the space of science but I had the chance to find answers to all my questions to realize my project. I feel great and proud of myself because I could share my project with pupils of my highschool using the English language, something I never did before. 156516328 Frah Abdelouaheb I tried to make a battery with lemons, Nickel, wires and steel paper clips. It might be a common project but it is not easy to successfully create one. I was very satisfied with the results and I learned a lot with my partner " Yasmine Mouslim" who is unfortunately absent today. We enjoyed working on the project together and I enjoyed more the day of the Science fair. It was a good opportunity to meet other students while presenting our projects. It is sometimes nice to have activities where we exchange information. We felt really good about that experiment and experience and I think we should organize events like this more often, to make pupil work and make research on their favourite subjects and increase their knowledge. 156516329 Tayeb Zatla & Mustapha Benzeguir Our project is about the balance of air between two different environments. We liked working together, we felt happy because this project is a step to oir professional life, we know what we can do in the future. We were more pleased to share our project with our classmates then schoolmates during the science fair exhibition. 156517034 Imene Lehbab I chose Genetic Factors as a topic for her project. I went to the University of Science and Technology of Oran. I visited the laboratory of Genetics. There, I met geneticians who helped me to learn how to extract the DNA. 156515931 After visiting the Genetics laboratory I learned to extract the DNA from a Bananna. I feel as a scientist. 156515590 I have very strange emotions, I am very proud of myself, I am very lucky to have joined the science fair. 156515589 Though Stressed I feel confident and happy to explain my scientific experiment to the audience that includes doctors, teachers and students from different schools. 156515591 It is an amzing experience, I will never forget it. 156515592