The Project Based Learning

Of the many Teacher Project work already presented, the one entitled “Keep Cool at School”, and held at Cheikh El Yajouri High School on March 19, 2013 was unique and original.

The aims stated by the lead teacher, Mrs. Aicha Bounaas, are to

-          make teaching fun, enjoyable, motivating and inspiring

-          lead learners to creative writing while ‘walking in the shoes of another’

First, we were welcomed with a beautiful song on teaching and teachers’ situation. The guitarist and the singer were amazing. Then, the ‘Whisper’ game, which both students and teachers took part in, paved the way to the fable that the students acted skilfully. 



On the stage - artistically decorated by the students- and around the tables of the room, the actors and actresses, who were beautifully dressed and disguised as animals, demonstrated how much a fable can be affected by a rumor. 


The play was astonishing; the setting, the music, the actors and actresses were superb. After this magnificent performance, the students were asked by Mrs. Nabila Malki to produce a piece of writing on the fable already performed.


From “Once Upon a Time” unit to “Eureka”, from fiction to facts, students acted out a second play based on “Fulton’s Folly” story by Otfinski. The twelve characters made a profile of an invention and then Mrs Zohra Bettayeb worked out with all the students on the evolution of the invention. 




Finally, the students came up with an invention: ‘A Time Machine’. They invited us to come on the stage and talk about our preferable period of time stating our imaginative ideas, and then we watched a 35 min. film produced by the students themselves. In the film, the actors travelled into the past and met people of ancient Djémila or Cuicul founded during the reign of Nerva (96, 98 A.D.). The producers of this film decided to focus on reality. They preferred to use arms to exterminate the people living there. I wish they had ended with an idea of transition, an idea of mutual respect, harmony and peace between the two periods.

Nevertheless, I came up with the conclusion that behind all these students’ achievements, there are effective teachers who instinctively use performance skills in the classroom to gain students’ interest and motivation. Thus I realized that the implementation of drama in teaching creates a proper cooperative environment, engages students and makes learning purposeful.

In this project, the three teachers, collaboratively, used drama across the curriculum, promoted critical thinking, involved students in their learning and encouraged them to formulate and express their ideas in creative writing.





Last but not least, the workshop ended as it started with a beautiful song on hope and a better future for education in our beloved country. To conclude, I confess I have been deeply moved by the talents of the students, the generosity of the teachers and the positive feeling of all participants. They actually made my day. It was March 19, 2013.





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    You achieved the incredible! I would like to congratulate you on successfully completing the project and presenting a superb presentation of the same. Our inspector shined a light on your efforts and experiences. You've done such an amazing work that I have nothing but awe and admiration for what each of you "teachers and students" have accomplished.You"re an example to us all. I really should have missed a great day!
    Congrats once more.
    Amina Akmou
    Alkhawarizmi High School, Oran

     Why not? It's a novice project, but good to encourage & may be to follow as a model in class as well because it has really integrated both teachers and students alike in the process of PBL and has shown to what extent collaborative work can be fruitful to all of us. So, congratulations to the whole staff and big thanks to the students for the enjoyment and pleasure of the projects presented as a great and concrete accomplishment of their learning. Much more success for the future inch-Allah!   
     Kheir Eddine High School, Mostaganem. 

    You really did something new.
    Projects have always turned around video films,
    leaflets, pictures, but such a presentation involved
    your learners use the language in a funny way. I just
    want to say Bravo for both teachers and students.
                                                                           Yamina Serradj
    Mrah Abdelkader High School, Oran. 

    I am really amazed and moved with the way you presented the article, a great sense of professionalism . It is an unbelieveable flash back of every gesture , word , performance and act of both teachers and learners. This work is nothing, but just the fruit of your guidance and leadership. Thank you very much. "knowledge is limited but creativity surrounds the world."

    Mrs.Aicha Bounaass
    Ahmed Elyajouri High School, Oran .


     I would like to congratulate you dear colleagues for the amazing project you realized with your students . I believe that

    It is very good to join  the useful things to the agreeable ones . 

    I think the integration of amusement within our teaching has become a necessity .  Thank you very much for inspiring us . 

    Good luck.

    Mrs.Bekka Fayrouz

    Hai Ezitoun High School

    Congratulations for the nice and fruitful  work! It was really amazing! 
    In fact, you have gained your pupils'interest and motivation and could make their learning interesting and enjoyable.
    Both of you, dear friends, and your learners ought to be proud of each other.
                                                                              Mrs.Kazouz(Hassaine) Faouzia
                                           The Cadets School of the Nation