The Project Based Learning



Project Presentation

                Unit Three: Waste not, want not.

                Theme: Pollution.

                Second Year Scientific Stream.

Two groups have prepared projects using two different ideas; each

group has explained differently the issue that the whole world is living which is  “the pollution “.

  First group: presented by

         BENZIANE Imene, MESSIFI Imene, BENMOUSSA Fatima, BOUTAIBA Yamina, KHETIB  Fatima  , LAHMAR Fatima Zahra.

·        The project is about Uncle Jack's Farm.

Uncle Jack has a big traditional house  which contains a yard full of animals(horses,sheeps,cows….) . His job is to take care of the farm ;unfortunately, the government built a WB factory near the farm, this factory releases toxic fumes and chemical wastes consequently, it pollutes the air, the land and causes diseases.


Impressions: the idea is well illustrated even the group liked working together. I have noticed that the pupils have used their own vocabulary without using the Internet.

       Second group : presented by


·        This group has chosen to present a small public garden scale which contains gorgeous flowers, fresh grass and an obvious ad says:”don’t throw garbage anyhow”.


      Impressions: I loved the way pupils have presented which is through a dialogue because the idea was well understood for all the class.

   Students Impressions: they liked working together and this work gave them an opportunity to know more about  pollution. They had fun bringing together the pieces of the project; even they have helped each other building up the ideas.

      At the end, the class sums up all the ideas in three notes types, causes and consequences of pollution.

Types of pollution

1.     Air pollution                    3.  Water pollution

2.     Noise pollution               4. Land pollution

ü Causes of pollution

·        Toxic gases fumes from cars and factories

·        Chemical wastes

·        Domestic wastes

·        Cutting trees

·        Oil spills ( oil transfer)


ü Consequences of pollution

·        Disappearance of animals and plant species

·        Disappearance of marine life

·        Diseases such as skin cancer ,lungs……….

By Sara Fekir

Oran 2010/2011