The Project Based Learning

Why Project Pedagogy ?

 « Competency-based learning is motivated by the idea that the classroom should prepare learners for real life. Learners acquire the language, but they also develop skills and strategies that will help them complete the kind of tasks they would do in real life. »

Alison Oswald


What is a project ?

·               A project is a creative way for learners to apply the language they have learned in class.

·               In the project, learners choose what they want to do and how to do it.

·               They show their capacities when demonstrating that they have mastered the objectives assigned.

·               A project pedagogy makes new needs emerge continuously.

·               It implies disciplinary and extra disciplinary types of knowledge.

·               A project is a divided and complementary task where students learn how to work in groups, how to cooperate and how to feel that they can do something.


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